With up to 5,000 new books being published every single day, it’s sometimes difficult for authors to be found.

And for readers to find authors.

It’s especially hard for LGBTQ authors to be found due to the small size of our genre. Smaller genres attract less Internet traffic than others. With less traffic comes fewer reviews, sales, and opportunities.

Many LGBT authors find their new releases quickly slipping into obscurity.

"I find it so hard to find new lesbian fiction, the major retailers don't have categories that are relevant to me and I often end up sticking to authors I know."
A lesbian fiction reader


Even if you have a strong online presence, complete with a website and social media accounts, readers can struggle to find you. This is where the Lesbian Author Directory can help.

One of the reasons that Amazon is almost always at the top of search engine results is because of the sheer volume of products on its site. Google and other top search engines use volume of content as one of their ranking factors. This means that standalone author sites find little hope of being discovered.

An author directory, a central platform, is beneficial because it will allow all authors on the platform to benefit from the potential of many. The directory also acts as a tool for connecting similar authors to allow readers to find new authors.