Here are some FAQs, if you can’t find what you are looking for then please go to the contact page to get in touch.

Why set up a Lesbian Fiction Directory?

This answer is two-fold.

Firstly, many lesbian fiction readers complain of not being able to find quality literature. Online retailers such as Amazon just don’t have the categories to correctly index our market. A reader looking for lesbian fiction with a fantasy sub-genre could struggle to find what they are looking for.

A central platform that uses our author algorithm allows readers to discover new authors, similar to the authors they already know and love.

Secondly, many lesbian fiction authors find their work disappearing into obscurity. Even with superior knowledge of marketing and Amazon’s cataloguing protocols, great books and authors are being lost.

The Lesbian Fiction Directory aims to prevent this

Why charge a fee?

The fee covers hosting costs, administration updates, and advertising and SEO work to ensure that the Directory has a high ranking on search engines.

The site will be advertised on Google AdWords, Amazon and Facebook Ads, as well as other platforms, as required.

Primarily, our work will focus on ensuring that the Directory has a naturally high ranking on search engines. This kind of SEO management is a time-intensive job.

I don't identify as lesbian, is this Directory for me?

Absolutely! The Directory focusing on people who write lesbian fiction, your own sexuality is not in question.

While many people are not comfortable with the term lesbian fiction, or lesfic, it is what the majority of readers search for.

If you write a novel that you would normally advertise in the lesbian fiction section, this directory is for you.

When will you open?

We will launch on 1st November and then add new authors in batches every quarter.

I'm already a successful lesbian fiction author, why should I bother to sign up?

You may be successful, but there are still readers out there who haven’t heard of you. Joining the Lesbian Fiction Directory means that you will benefit from the readers of other authors, readers you would struggle to reach with your current marketing strategy.

Can I change the design of my profile page?

The main design of the page must remain the same across all profiles, this is to ensure fairness as the profile has been designed with search engine optimisation in mind.

Why does 10% of the fee go to charity?

We believe it’s important to give back to the community, what better way to do this than to donate?

Each year, we will poll our membership to decide what organisation receives the donation.

Why do you only link to Amazon?

We have chosen to only provide book links to Amazon, the reason for this is, in some ways, the same as the platform. Collective power. Like it or loathe it, Amazon is the biggest retailer of books. Sending all of your traffic to Amazon, and collating all of your reviews on Amazon, allows your Amazon books to thrive.

Imagine that you have sold 50 books.

In the first example, let’s assume you sold 10 of them on Amazon, 10 on iTunes, 10 on Kobo, 10 on Barnes and Noble, and 10 on Smashwords. If only 10% of readers left a review, that would mean you would only have one review on each platform.

If you collated all of your sales on one platform, you’d have five reviews on that platform. This would mean that your book would perform better in the Amazon sales ranking and help you to sell more books.

What are the exact costs?

We charge $25 per year, per profile. A profile consists of:

This fee includes up to five changes to your profile in a twelve month period, and up to three books, additional books are charged at $2 each.

If you have a pen name profile that you would like to add, we offer a 50% discount for each additional profile.

10% of your yearly fee will go to lesbian charities, voted for by the membership.