Lost in the crowd?

Most authors struggle to market themselves, especially within the small but fast-paced genre of lesbian fiction.

With so many new releases, it’s sometimes hard to get noticed. Even with a full marketing toolkit of social media, website, and online advertising some authors still struggle to reach new audiences.

Even successful lesbian fiction authors are losing out.

Internet search algorithms and product suggestion plugins, push readers towards already popular books and authors.

Unless a potential reader is specifically searching for your name or the title of one of your books, it’s unlikely they will stumble across a new author. Even if an author has a strong online presence, complete with a website and social media accounts, readers can struggle to find them.

This is where the Lesbian Fiction Directory can help.

The reason

Google and other top search engines use complicated algorithms to produce search results. Similar technology produces “customers also bought" options on Amazon and other online retailers.

This means that readers are pushed into the most popular categories, often mainstream.

While the exact nature of these algorithms are a trade secret, we do know some of the things that the search engines look for.

What search engines want

Search engines rank sites on a number of factors to produce a list that is as relevant as possible to the search result.

Below is a list of factors that we know affects the ranking process.

Search engines are sophisticated and can actively read the content on a website. Sites with more content, specifically good content, rank higher. This is why massive sites like Wikipedia and Amazon are almost always at the top of many search results.

Search engines look for relevant sites. As information goes out of date over time, it makes sense that sites that are frequently updated are more relevant than static sites that remain the same for months or even years. The freshness factor is what drove the popularity of blogging, an easy way to constantly create fresh content.

Search engines understand that with relevance comes popularity. Sites that attract more visitors must be popular and therefore they must be relevant. The more traffic a site receives, the higher it will be ranked. Again, this is why major sites with vast amounts of content will always rank higher than a smaller site.

Site speed is an important ranking factor, free websites may seem fast but even .01 of a second load time can be considered slow in the search engine world. Faster sites rank higher.

Every website URL is assigned a DA (Domain Authority) score. This score was developed by the search gurus at Moz, and predicts the ability of a site to be able to have a high rank on search engines. Having a healthy DA score is essential to the ranking process.

Tags are one of the methods that search engines use to read and catalogue websites. Title tags, meta tags, description tags and image tags are just a few.

Social media is an important tool for search engines. Social media drives traffic, creates backlinks and allows search engines to measure relevance.

It’s impossible for a single author to meet all of the above criteria. That’s where the Lesbian Fiction Directory comes in.

How does it work?

Quite simply, by pooling resources.

An author directory, a central platform, is beneficial because it will allow all authors on the platform to benefit from the SEO (search engine optimisation) potential of many.

One of the reasons that Amazon is almost always at the top of search engine results is because of its size and range of products. But the way those products are catalogued can be confusing and end up with lesbian fiction authors being lost in a sea of mainstream literature.

All authors who sign up to the platform will have a profile page, right here on the Lesbian Fiction Directory website.

Each profile has:

  • Author photograph
  • 1,000-word biography
  • Links to external websites (up to three)
  • Links to author social media pages
  • Links to authors books on Amazon (why Amazon?)
  • Up to three reviews including links
  • Categories and Tags

The more authors who join the Lesbian Fiction Directory the better for everyone. As with large online retailers, more content and products will bring more visitors to the site.

Our own author algorithms and categorisations will group similar authors, allowing authors to be found by new readers. Bringing your audience to the site means your audience can find authors similar to you. And you benefit from every other member of the platform’s existing audience.

The deal

Lesbian Fiction Directory
Subscription Costs
  • Author profile
  • Links to up to 3 external websites
  • Links to author social media pages
  • Links to authors books on Amazon
  • Benefit from advertising
  • Quarterly update on traffic stats
  • Increased profile
  • Discover new audience
  • No coding
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • No admin

To maintain the platform, pay for hosting, make updates, and advertise the site, we charge $25 per year per profile. This fee includes up to five changes to your profile in a twelve month period, and up to three books, additional books are charged at $2 each.

If you have a pen name profile that you would like to add, we offer a 50% discount for each additional profile.

10% of your yearly fee will go to lesbian charities, voted for by the membership.

Register your interest

To be a part of a unique lesbian fiction collective, and benefit from the pooled resources of many talented authors within our community, register your interest today. When the site is ready to launch, we will send you an invoice and a questionnaire to allow us to add you to the directory.